According to international experts, Uzbekistan has accumulated rich experience in growing organic cotton fiber. More than 1500 specialists who participated in the fair from different countries got an opportunity to get acquainted with the work in this direction, defined acceptable standards for them.


It should be noted that in this fair Uzbekistan has applied a new strategy. In particular, a significant part of the exhibits consisted of finished products of textile and light industry enterprises. This testifies to the consistent measures being taken in our country to increase the export of yarn, fabric and finished products with high added value.

The Decree of the President of our country "On the Program of Measures for the Further Development of the Textile and Apparel and Knitting Industries for 2017-2019" of December 21, 2016 serves to procure and further expand the volumes of export-oriented products. In accordance with it, over 130 investment projects worth $ 2 billion 200 million are envisaged.

Currently, more than 450 enterprises operate in the system of the joint-stock company "Uzbekengilsanoat". The enterprises of the region, along with replenishment of the domestic market with finished products, export high-quality yarn, fabrics, knitwear and various design clothes to more than 50 countries of the world. In particular, last year, export operations for 1 billion 146 million dollars. By the end of this year, this indicator has been exceeded to over 1 billion 300 million dollars.




The Fair provided an opportunity for a number of industrial enterprises of our country to further expand the circle of their partners. Among them there is also LLC "Mekhrigiyo Feruz Yulduz" in the joint-stock company "Uzbekengilsanoat". At this enterprise operating in Andijan, women's coats are produced. Exactly half of these products are exported abroad.

"We sew 50 types of women's outerwear," says Nodirbek Bahriddinov, the company's trade manager. - At present, we are exporting our products to the CIS countries. During the fair, held fruitful negotiations with entrepreneurs from Europe, reached an agreement on cooperation.

A number of presentations were also held during the forum. One of them is devoted to the results of the project on the development of sustainable cotton production, carried out in cooperation with Uzbekengilsanoat JSC, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, the Federation of Trade Unions, the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank. The project was implemented in pilot mode to introduce a standard system of sustainable cotton growing in farms. Diagnostics of agricultural technologies is carried out. Recommendations have been developed to improve the efficiency of cotton growing and the introduction of mechanization.

At the fair, a fashion show was held at the design center at JSC Uzbekengilsanoat. The Uztex, Samo, Ideal, Bonita, Barchina, Chust Teks, Conteks, design groups Anor Atelier, Gigu, Sabina Nazar presented their collections at it. and others.

- Recently we participated in the festival held in Moscow, - says the head of the design center "Shark orslari" Kamola Gulomova. - On it, women's clothes made in the style of "rret-a-porter" sewn from natural fabrics in our center were highly appreciated by leading designers and the authoritative jury of the festival and awarded a gold medal. Today we also demonstrated to the representatives of more than forty countries the huge potential of Uzbekistan in the fashion and design industry.

The 13th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair once again demonstrated the high results of large-scale reforms carried out on the path of further enhancing the economic potential of our country and the growth of the well-being of the people. This traditional fair, which has become one of the important events in the world cotton and textile business, will serve to further expand reliable, long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with Uzbekistan.